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CBD Distillate Cartridge

CBD Distillate Cartridge

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Grown in the USA
Full Terepene profile, with 3 strains to choose from
THC Free Seed Science distillation process produces 100% natural, PG, VG and pesticide free oil.The 500mg glass cartridges contain only cannabinoids and terpenes – no fillers, additives, cutting agents, etc. Convenient, discreet, rapid uptake that utilizes a vertical ceramic coil for superior flavor.
Why vape CBD?
Vaping CBD offers an alternative way to deliver beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes into the body. The immediate absorption achieved through vaporizing is a great way to achieve relief without having to wait.
By vaping Seed Science CBD distillate, you provide the potent plant substance a direct route to your lungs. From there, it absorbs into your bloodstream though your blood vessels and capillaries.
Thus, when you vape CBD distillate you can experience the full benefits of CBD without having to wait for digestion, giving you almost immediate effect
3 Strains: Cheerie Pie, Grand Daddy Purp, Thin Mint

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