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How CBD Oil Can Help with Sleeping Disorders

woman sleeping from taking cbd oil to help with sleep disorder


CBD can be taken through consumption, inhalation, and sublingual absorption. When CBD enters the body, it interacts with a network of receptors, known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which are located throughout the body. The receptors in the ECS only make contact with cannabinoids, including CBD.


This relationship between the two is what allows CBD to alleviate several medical conditions, including stress and sleep disorders. This article will discuss more on how CBD can help with sleep disorders and stress in detail.


How CBD Helps with Insomnia

As CBD is known to help one sleep, it begs the question of whether it can make you sleep throughout the day. The simple answer is no. CBD can be effective in relieving symptoms of insomnia, but it does not administer sedative effects as THC or sleeping pills do. Instead, CBD tackles insomnia at its source.


The root of the insomniac epidemic is not a genetic disorder or any contagious disease. The most common culprit is, in fact, the same thing that causes cancer and many health conditions: stress. In this modern age, there are increasing demands from various factors around us, including technology, high-stress work, and the economy, all of which lead to stress.


Everyone experiences certain levels of stress that comes with minor headaches and mood swings from time to time. Prolonged stress, however, can have detrimental effects on one’s health, including cancer, high blood pressure, depression, among others.


How CBD Helps With Stress before bed time

The levels of stress generally depend on how you react to a certain situation. For example, when someone angers you, you can choose to forget about it and not letting it get on your nerves, or you can get really disturbed and engage in a fight with that person. Needless to say, the latter scenario is going to make your stress level skyrocket.


There are several factors that dictate how one responds to a situation, but the process of responding occurs in the brain. To put it simply, the activity in the brain is a series of signals that are being sent out throughout the body to make the body work. Some signals simply tell your legs to walk while others are the response to a situation that you perceive as stressful.


When there is a lot going on in your brain, your response to a stressful situation will be off. In other words, there will not be a stress response system in place, which leads you to perceive a normal situation with minimal danger as extremely dangerous. As a result, you are most likely going to respond in a negative manner.


People who are dealing with stress on a daily basis will often try to find ways to handle it. Many people often resort to taking medication, partying, consuming alcohol, or eating junk foods as a way to deal with stress. These options may be a short-term solution to stress, but they are definitely not going to last. In fact, more serious problems can even develop from these habits.


Most receptors in the ECS are in the brain and the central nervous system. When CBD interacts with these receptors, the brain is able to respond to stressful situations much more effectively. This means that negative responses are reduced and stress levels are mitigated. In short, CBD plays a part in improving cognitive functions and also the brain’s capacity to respond to high-stress situations.


Conclusion on using CBD for helping with sleep

CBD can offer a wide range of health benefits. It can be particularly helpful for people who suffer from prolonged stress and also sleep disorders, such as insomnia, without causing drowsiness. That is because CBD works by boosting and restoring the stress response rather than providing sedative effects.


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