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Common Concerns With CBD: A Detailed Look

cbd oil common concerns on health and side effects in life



When it comes to treating mental distresses such as stress, anxiety, and depression, most doctors will prescribe medications that have harmful and long-lasting effects on the body. Prozac, Xanax, Valium, and Lexapro are some of the most commonly prescribed medications for these conditions -- all of them are known to have harmful effects and even addictive quality to them. For this reason, many people opt to go with alternative treatments, which brings us to CBD.
Cannabidiol (CBD) is used to treat many illnesses and condition, both physical and psychological ones. While there are many benefits to the treatment, some people are still concerned with its downsides. Recently, there has been a claim that ingestive CBD leaves a residue in your internal organs that may affect your health. In this article, we’ll discuss two of the most common concerns about CBD treatments. We will discuss it in detail in hopes that you can have a better understanding of the treatment by the end of it.

“CBD remains in your body for a long time after every use.”

CBD is a relatively fast-acting substance, as it only takes around thirty minutes before the effect of the medication kicks in, lasting for approximately one to four hours, depending on the dosage. After the effect has worn off, there are still lingering traces of CBD left in the system, which is estimated to be eliminated within the next three to four days. The study on the long-term effects of CBD is scarce and understandably so, as the treatment has only been popularized in the last few years. More longitudinal studies will have to be conducted due to the extent of the effects of CBD on frequent users.

“THC is present in CBD products.”

Another concern that those who are skeptical of the treatment is the presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in some CBD products. THC is another active component in cannabis plant which has a psychoactive effect that is associated with marijuana, which turns many people off from the idea of taking CBD treatment as well. This is a common misconception, as CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effect whatsoever.
The reason as to why THC is present in some CBD products is the fact that the combination of THC and CBD is the most effective at treating the intended condition. THC in small amounts can help to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, depression and even inflammation. When taken alone, THC products will cause intoxication -- the degree of the “high” effect will vary depending on the dosage and the tolerance level. CBD will help to reduce the prominence of the effect of THC without inhibiting its benefits. For this reason, many producers tend to mix the two products together to achieve the best result.
Both THC and CBD are expected to have about the same clearance time, which is around three to four days. At a higher dosage (1,000 mg and above), however, THC can take up to one week or more to be entirely expelled from the system. This doesn’t mean that you will feel high for one week straight if you take a large dose of THC, as the small residue won’t have any short term effect on your mental state.

The Bottom Line on CBD:

Although many people argue that CBD treatments may have a long-term negative effect, it’s fair to conclude that it’s an effective short-term treatment for certain conditions. Its anti-inflammatory effect helps to treat conditions like arthritis and intestinal inflammation. Additionally, its calming effect can reduce the degree of severity for mental distress like stress and even chronic psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It’s a potent alternative and supplementary treatment to these conditions, as it doesn’t have a severe side effect like many other anti-depressants or chemical-based medications do.
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