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Difference between stoned and high

The terms high and stoned are often used interchangeably. But there is certainly a difference between the two. Being stoned is a very different experience than the feeling of a high. These are two…

SunRocks and MoonRocks

Are you ready for a trip outer space? Because that is what sunrocks and moonrocks are all about. If you smoke a blunt or joint, you can sometimes go as high as a kite, but moonrocks and sun rocks…

Dabbing for beginners

Dabbing is relatively new, but more and more smokers are making the switch. It is a way to use cannabis that has many forms and products, with which you can vary. Dabbing can seem a bit…

Avoid a cotton mouth

Smoking weed is a fantastic experience that can be different every time. But an annoying side effect is that you can get a sore throat and a dry mouth. This is called a cottonmouth. The warm smoke…

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